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Eden CHOURAKI - Painter

Eden Chouraki’s paintings have something deeply moving about them. We sense an adequacy between the abstract theme and instinctive element.
These are paintings of comprehension and not simulation because likelihood, forms, perspectives and colors to her have no importance as long as its world of mysteries remains safe.
According to her, gesture painted can not be pulsionnel for two reasons; whether we like it or not the image pollutes the spirit and whatever we do the human look will only see what the flesh will allow it to see. In the center of her paintings without much effort you will notice a prayer, a symbol, a letter or even a shadow.
This student from “l’ecole du Louvre” formatted by the Musee Guimet in the largest refinement of Asiatic arts, today, practices the means to seduce and has only made cannons of Yaffet as long as the beauty remains pure in the tents of Sem.
We sense that between a brutal incontinence and a domestic one threw every one of her paintings, her faith is expressed artistically. Faith, like many things in her everyday life. An enchantment that is like her credo and that will always give her a reason as long as the only law remains the feeling of the law.
As for you, as for myself, between the obvious and the unspoken, needless to say we are invited to pray…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What techniques do you use?

    Oils, acrylics, Land of Israel, Jerusalem, Hebron, rainwater or the Dead Sea ... plus a few little secrets!

  • Q: Do you do commissioned works?

    Yes, of course! Contact me by email, we will discuss together ...

  • Q: Where can I meet you?

    I live in Jerusalem, and sometimes I go to Paris. Send me an email...

  • Q: how to choose frame for a painting?

    The frame should make the transition between the colors of your room and the colors of the canvas.

  • Q: Can I pay by credit card?

    Payal allows you to pay for your purchase without you having to open an account. Simply click on the option indicated on their homepage.

  • Q: How to ship paintings?

    Small paintings are shipped on chassis. For larger paintings you have two options: canvas without frame and wrapped (sent free) or frame (shipments fees at your expense).

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